Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Windows questions? Did your drive crash?
Do you need a backup solution? Do you need help setting up a wireless network?
Do you need help adjusting or learning how to use a new computer or application?
Need to convert analog video to digital video? Do you need to create a presentation?
Do you need purchasing advice for the right technology for your home or business?
Do you need help setting up a new computer or device?
We can do this and more. Contact us ASAP for all your technical needs now!

See why we are the best in Portland and Vancouver!

Let me tell you why you need to use The Tech Shack for your business! We provide your Technical solutions so you can be more productive . . . We have over 20 years experience working professionally in the IT industry.

Our Offerings
Home & Small to Large Business Solutions
• Maintenance Contracts, 2 Hours labor, 2-12 times a year and more
• 24/7 Service
• Exceptional Troubleshooting Skills
• Set up service for your new computer system
• Total Purchase Consulting – We will assist you picking out your system and peripheral,
ordering it, and once it comes we will set it up, and show you how to use it and FOLLOW UP
with in 1 week of new set up - we like to call our "Concierge Service"
• The Tech Shack offers Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computer training and support
services for all of your Home and Business needs
• No Additional Travel Charge in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area
• Refer a Friend, and get 1 Hour of our time for FREE
• $10.00 Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations
• $10.00 Discounts for Students & Educators
• We Believe in Preventative Maintenance and having a Solid Back Up Plan
• We put things in simple English so you're not left deciphering what We explain to you

What do We bring to the table?
Over 10 years working for some of the world's largest and best Fortune 500 Corporations that ever existed as a Technician, Trainer, Supervisor, and Manager.

More than 20 years supporting home and business users.

4+ Years at Apple, Inc. and 5 Years at Dell, Inc. Over 10 years working for other reputable companies in the IT field, including supervising and T.O.W. II Missiles for the US Army.

Issue Recognition; Only once the issue is fully understood, can you get the correct resolution – this is where The Tech Shack comes in.

About Our Services
We work with home and business solutions that have been proven to assist you work more effectively and get a handle on your time management if needed. Please see Our Bio for more on our background.

On-Sites refer to when we come to your business or home and assist you with your computer needs, at your leisure. You can watch and learn, or go about your business and we will let you know when we am done so you can test the solution we provided.

Your Computer Needs & What WE Will do for YOU!
• Troubleshooting Errors
• Creating Work Arounds for Everyday Tasks
• Assisting with time saving Tips & Tricks
• Creating a new perspective on how you do certain tasks
• Extensive Diagnostic Tools to check Hardware and Software
• Phone / Remote Desktop Tech Support
• Issue Recognition - Knowing the issue before you can fix it
• And Much, Much More!
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When it comes time to buy something new, The Tech Shack is a valuable resource. We can show you what is the latest, greatest and if you really need it. Even advise on new products coming out. We are not sales people, we are true technicians who want you to have a great customer experience and we want to earn your trust and business.
So go on, let us help satisfy your inner gadget geek, fix your computer, help you do daily back-ups, train you on some great applications that will make your life easier.

Let's make an appointment today so that we can help you solve problems, teach you more about the computer and it's programs, help you plan and implement for current and future needs, better enjoy the Internet and much more.

"If you compare us to the competition, ensure you are comparing apples to apples on service, experience and expertise."
Welcome to The Tech Shack
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