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That was alright. After venturing back to Portland, Oregon I had another guy I looked up to and his artistry, Steven Segal. Not the best actor but his art was amazing, so I learned aikido. I loved it a lot, and to this day will never look at a wrist the same again. I was boating with some friends and fell goofing off on the pier, and fell on my wrist. I thought I broke it, but was actually sprained. I had to stop aikido. ;-( After some time I moved to the heart of Portland in the northwest side where there are coffee shops on every corner and everything was very old...a place I love. I found another tae kwon do school there, and took classes for another 6 months or so. The teacher was in a movie that was made in Portland called Iron Heart, with with Bruce Lee's best friend Bolo Yeung. He was good, but it was all non contact, and I can see how non contact fighting teaches you control, but if you have been reading along with me here, you may have figured out my control is quite good by this time. I stopped it, but had a good time while I was there.
Mixed Martial Arts

This includes my foto's, teachers and schools.
You want some of my history? OK. I went to a church camp about 1982, and they had crafts or karate for an activity, and decided to do karate. After that I started American States Karate a week before my 8th grade in middle school. I liked it, but the teachers were not very nice and were very hard on a child. I would never send my son there or ever recommend them. After a year I got into Choir's Tae Kwon Do. It was great, I did it for about 4 years. I then saw that it was self defense but more of a sport, and I wanted something that is more effective. I tried out a Filipino art called arnis, which is stick fighting. I also tried out my lavatories martial artists style called Jeet Kune Do, created and mastered by Bruce Lee.
It was very good and effective, but it is not as well know, therefore it is very expensive. Supply and demand. I then chose American Kenpo Karate, which was amazing, and my teacher equally amazing. I learned a lot. I stuck with it for a year, then I joined the US Army and took some classes in Aschaffenburg (at the time it was west) Germany, and some shotokan karate in Colorado Springs, Colorado while I was at Fort Carson by a Major.
So after that I got a job offer to work for a small fruit company (Apple Computer) in Austin, Texas (yes, Austin is really like it's own state, the rest of TX blows in my opinion - and once again yes, I am very opinionated and brutally honest most any time.) There I took classes at the YMCA from Mr Ian Fourth, a cool Aussie. He was taught by Bill 'Super Foot' Wallace, someone who has made movies with Chuck Norris to being a world champion. The credentials were there, but what about the teaching? I took classes there, learned very advanced stretching techniques, kicking combinations that would put most men in bed rest the following day, and learned how to throw a round house kick but before delivery change it to a hook kick or any other almost I desire and in turn I got my fair share of kicks in on my opponent. These were kicks you never thought possible, or at least most people. Ian by the way started a great school called the 4th Degree, have a look at his web page below when you have time. Then, Ian said we are having a seminar, and Bill 'Super Foot' Wallace would be doing it!!! So, I got to meet him, video tape it, have a picture with him, and also got hit by him, which to me was pretty cool. It's like playing basket ball with Michael Jordan and him dunking the ball on you, it was cool. Take my word on it. Then, to top off the night we all went out for dinner. With Bill!!! It for sure was a high light. Next since I am in TX still I need to meet Chuck Norris. He has a ranch outside Houston. His book Secret to Inner Strength was very good. Can't meet Bruce Lee or Brandon, but I did pay my respects for them at their grave stones in Lake View Cemetery over looking Lake Washington in Seattle. It was nice to see them next to each other, but very sad to see them die at such a young age. I have read anything and everything I could on the Lee's, so if you have a question, I probably know. Well, that concludes this section, enjoy and glad you took the time. As Bill Wallace would say, "Keep that leg up!"
I started watching the tuff guy competitions in Colorado Springs, CO in 1990/1991 and then this amazing sport emerged, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and watched in amazement what really worked and did not in real fighting that was not all stand up as I knew it. Opened me up to another world, although I have no sparing partners here in Austin other than this really weird guy who would write to me on a dating site of all places who wanted my address to come and spar with me but only if we would do grown shots, other wise he was not interested. That threw up some red flags....strange...but told him if her was serious to meet me at the 4th Degree (my current school at the time who teach was Bill "Super-Foot" Wallace) and needless to say he never showed. I'll spar anyone any time, I may not win, as I am good, but not great, but I am quite fast as my friends me it is not about being a tough guy, it is about learning, the experience and fun. Come on Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, I'll take you on any day - especially Randy as he is my home boy from Portland. ;-) I'd get creamed, but you know what? I'd have bragging rights to have spared with them, and I'd come out of it a better fighter as I would learn something. If I remembered when I awoke. ;-)
I love martial arts and have the utmost respect for it, so I had to start a blog. Who are some of my hero's? Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris would be my top 2 in martial arts, but it has really evolved since the "old days." ;-)

Bruce Lee Philosophy

Bruce Lee Animated Movie

Here are some more informative Martial Arts Animated gifs. I hope they are entertaining and informative.

I will add some movies later.

Here is some more from Austin's own 4th Degree!

Master Tim Teausant

Tim Teausant
Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt)
One of the Tracy's earlier Black Belts.

Master Teausant began his study of martial arts in 1960. He received his black belt in Shotokan in 1963, and earned another one in Tae Kwan Do in 1968, in Portland, OR. He studied with Will Tracy and received his black belt in 1972. Master Teausant was part of the original group of just a handful of studios that formed the nucleus of the Tracy System. When he was with the Tracy's he was introduced to Joe Lewis, who was the World Heavy Weight Kick Boxing Champion, and at one time a national director for Tracy's. Master Teausant started training with Joe Lewis in 1972, and that started his kick boxing career. He was Joe Lewis's sparring partner for many years. At that time, it meant going all out. In 1974, Master Teausant left the Tracy organization and branched out on his own to open the first Joe Lewis Karate Studio in Portland, OR.
Master Teausant trained the Gresham Police SWAT team, the Portland Police, the Oregon State Police, and the Clackamas and Multnomah County Sheriff Departments. He also wrote and developed a general self-defense course for women in 1975, and then re-developed it in 1999 for the Oregon State Rape Prevention and Montana State Rape Prevention program in Kalispell, MT. Recently, he was promoted to Master degree by Grand Master Al Tracy. Master Teausant still actively teaches and trains in Gresham, Oregon.

Master Teausant's Awards and Accomplishments
Ed Parkers Internationals Champion
U.S. vs. British Columbia Champion
Kick Boxing Champion
Kick Boxing Champion
Kick Boxing Champion
Seattle Open Karate Champion
Kick Boxing Champion
Pacific Northwest Top Competitor
Kick Boxing Champion
Pacific Northwest Top Instructor of the Year
Top Trainer in the Northwest
Most Respected and Well-Known "Masters" in the U.S. by Joe Lewis
Masters Degree from Academy of American Fighting Artists by Jerry Beasley and Joe Lewis, Redford, VA
One of the top martial artists in the book Who's Who in American Martial Arts
Masters Degree from Dr. Jerry Beasley, founder of the World Martial Arts Group, Redford, VA
Rated in Combat Karate Magazine Top Master in the Northwestern States
Recognized as Master at GOE 2001 by Grand Master Al Tracy
Promoted to Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt) by Grand Master Al Tracy

Tim is a 10th degree!


2 Rivers Aikikai

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Bruce Lee
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