Personal Bio
I am a highly motivated Apple Technical Engineer who loves Apple and technology. I know the in's and outs as I beta tested OS X before the world knew about it, I trained new hires, beta tested AppleCare and selling to customers items they may need on a call, I performed customer service and tier I & II Tech Support for Apple. I have been Apple Certified by their training and keep up on everything by owning all of their products, learning them, and listening to technical podcasts as well as buying technical books on technology to stay current for my own education purposes. Please look at my next page if you want to know more or need technical support on your company's Macintosh and Windows computer or home solutions.

Experience in a Nut Shell
• Yesmail, Inc. / Infogroup, Inc. 4 Years
• Apple, Inc. 4 Years
• Dell, Inc. 4.5 Years
• The Tech Shack 20+ Years
• Mac Shop NW
• Mac Store (Formerly The Computer Store)
• US Army 4 Years

Please feel free to see my Personal web site to see my resume and my 3 fantastic kids, friends and family!
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