Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Windows questions? Did your drive crash?
Do you need a backup solution? Do you have a dead line?
Do you need help adjusting or learning how to use a new computer or application?
Need to convert analog video to digital video?
Do you need to create a presentation?
Do you need purchasing advice for the right technology for your home or business?
Do you need help setting up a new computer or device?
We can do this and more. Contact us ASAP for all your technical needs now!

See why we are the best in Portland and Vancouver!

Let me tell you why you need to use The Tech Shack for your business! We provide your Technical solutions so you can be more productive . . . We have over 20 years experience working professionally in the IT industry.

Maintenance Contracts
With this contract, we would come On-Site (or if you prefer, drop it off) and check your computer for disk errors, normally fixing the errors found and optimize it so it will run quicker and more efficiently. We can assist in OS re-installs, OS upgrades, erasing your drive and installing the OS as well as backing up upon request. We can also assist with your peripheral shopping as we know what you need and what a good price for it is. Don't be taken advantage of, let The Tech Shack help!
We would also give you sound recommendations for:
• RAM (memory) upgrades
• Hard Drive upgrades
• Web Cams & Microphones
• Laser Printers & Ink Jet Printers
• Scanners
• Internet
• Productivity Applications
And Much, Much More!

• General Computer Usage: How to surf the web, e-mail composing, forwarding e-mails, sending photo's in e-mail, searching the internet, video conferencing, making a back up CD or DVD, iTunes Music Store, iPod / iPhone usage, installing software, dual display set up, wireless internet and a lot more!
• Advanced Computer Usage: Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop, Web Page Creation, File Sharing, Advanced Web Usage, Partitioning your Hard Drive, Installing and Configuring Boot Camp and Booting into Windows on a Mac, Running any version of Windows, Sun Solaris & Linux on your Mac, Backing up a DVD, Filming/Creating/Editing a movie and saving it to your hard drive or a usable DVD for friends and family, external storage, installing hardware components & so much more!
• Basic to Advanced Hardware Classes - Custom Packages based on your needs - 1 on 1 up to 10 people at a time! Custom classes/subjects based upon your needs & requests. If your subject is not listed please ask.

Refer a Friend - Get 1 Hour FREE!
Refer a friend and get 1 hour of our services FREE once they have completed at least a 2 hour service with The Tech Shack!

Be your own Movie Director / Producer!
Basic training on filming video, importing it to your computer, editing it, adding titles, transitions, effects and credits, adding a soundtrack, then saving it to a blank DVD (or a .mp4 on your computer) that will work in most DVD players. Artwork / Music will be provided by client.

Custom Photography & Classes
We can assist with: Portraits, Architecture, Landscapes, Weddings, Baby's, Insurance Claims, Trade Shows, Company Events and anything else to cover your needs!
We do work with some of Portland's best photographers!

Transfer VHS / VHS-C to DV video
We can assist you in saving it, editing it on your computer - even saving it to a DVD so you can share it with others and it can look like a professionally re-mastered DVD you would buy in the video stores! See above "Be your own Movie Director / Producer!"

Scanning Services
We will Scan your Photographs, Slides, Transparency's, legal documents or anything you need done at high resolution and create a slide show by request, then save it to a CD or DVD! We charge $1.50 per scan, 20 minimum. Normally while you wait. Price includes media (Cd or DVD.)

Switching over to a Mac from a PC? No problem . . .
Switching over to a Mac from a PC? No problem! We'll show you the ropes. Just ask us! After working for Apple, Inc. for over 4 years we know most all of the answers to your questions, and if there is one we don't know, we know where to look for the correct and speedy answer so you can stay on track with your project or fun you will have with your Mac!

Pre-Order Gift Certificates at a Discount!
No two coupons or discounts can be used in conjunction with each other, and there is no discounts for late night or Emergency Services.

Training with The Tech Shack University!
We offer one on one training, small groups and you can order custom training CD / DVD's that show you how to use certain applications, Operating Systems (Mac OS, Windows OS) or troubleshoot your computer.
It's simple, just click on the "Contact Us" page and tell us what you are looking for, we can give you an estimate and time frame.
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