Welcome to my personal site! This should be a fun place for friends and family!
Made on an iPad

Thanks to all of you for coming to www.TheTechShack.com Personal Site! I have always considered myself a knowledgeable and helpful person (flames start here), and always try and help / educate when and where I can. I know technology, (he is a great person) and that is where I shine. Hopefully hanging out, text, video & audio chatting and visiting my other pages I've made like Shopping & Deals (we all can use tips with online shopping) Travel, Books, Education & Health, Jobs & Resume, For Sale, Tasty Treats, Traveling Tips, Jobs & Resumes and all the rest will help you with your daily online presence and activities. There is a wealth of information out there, and The Tech Shack should help. I really wanted to have a resource for friends, family and fellow tech's to have a place to play. I do computer on-sites where I come out and fix systems and explain how it works, as well as training and will elaborate more on this at my business page located here: http://www.TheTechShack.com

Welcome, please take some time to enjoy my site!

Currently I have ton of photos, movies and info on here growing everyday. Explore. Relax. Enjoy. Have an espresso! I have worked hard on it since July of 2004 and hope you like it. I have just recreated my site on my iPad. Yes, my iPad. The new one. Generation 3. This will date me in a few years. The app? It is called HTML Egg. $15.99, near immediate email support, I am very satisfied. I think this will be huge. Time will tell.
I then learned quickly that making a web site is not easy so I need to find a good web application...I tried .Mac, Adobe's GoLive, DreamWeaver, iWeb and RapidWeaver. This one is so easy I made it with my fingers. Now that's insane! HTML Egg. There are many YouTube videos on it.

Some web site history.
I tried Adobe s GoLive, which is supposed to be child's play, but was not at all straight forward, so I looked into Cold Fusion, and someone said try MS Front Page (YUCK), and once you have mastered it go to a more advanced application like Adobe s DreamWeaver (formerly MacroMedia.) That made me nervous since I never made a real web page before. I decided to test the hard core DreamWeaver, and let me tell you, it is easy as pie, and it is so very intuitive I am about in love with it. †One last thing, it does have some limitations if you do not know html coding  I do not know how to do this, so I tried RapidWeaver, and decided I liked Apples iWeb  so my personal and professional sites have been recreated in iWeb, with a little bit of tweaking in DreamWeaver as iWeb has limitations as well and help forums don t seem to be very helpful. I actually dreaded doing this, but now I look back and laugh. I admit I'm not an expert and I have a long way to go to be a pro at this, but I do like it and will learn a lot more in the future. I do owe some credit to a few friends who are very good with DreamWeaver. Matthew Hunt in Portland, OR, Cristian Ioja in Portland, OR, Michael Cohn of http://www.digi-works.us/ in Austin, TX (my old co-worker at Apple, Inc.) - they helped me when I hit some road blocks. Go click on the links, go explore my world, see what we have to offer, we think it's pretty cool. My X wife was in charge of Tasty Treats. I will add more content to it soon.
Explore....most of the site is functional. More will be added soon. We made it fast, and now going through the forgotten parts and customizing more. This site will always be a work in progress, getting updates, new movies and so on. Look for new stuff all the time. Enjoy! And if you need a tech or have any corrections or additions you think should be made, click on Email Me at the bottom of the page.


Welcome to The Tech Shack Personal
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