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Welcome to my personal site! This should be a fun place for friends and family!

Thanks to all of you for showing technical interest as is is a big part of my life. Let's see. Where did it all start for me? Pin ball. Asteroids. One day I recall my dad brought home one of the first gaming systems. Pong. It was the first home interaction with a tv that I remember. Then it went to the first Atari. Then in high school with the Apple II. Programming a game we found in a computer magazine called Stoneville Manor. It was fun. A learning experience. The my parents bought me a Commodore Vic-20. It did not have a G.U.I. (Graphical User Interface) so I was a bit lost.
I then joined the US Army and worked with million dollar computers and a very interesting missile system. The TOW II. look it up. ;-)
Don't know how? Here is how you Google (search) something:

After the Army I went to college for graphic design in Tempe, AZ called Al Collins Graphic Design School. I met the founder, Al Collins. He was a frail old man in a 3 wheeled wheel chair. When he saw me, he stood up and shook my hand. Later that year he died.
I learned a lot there, including my love for Apple's Macintosh.
After graduation, then they changed the name to Collins Colleg and offered video game design. Very interesting.
I worked many jobs doing design or Nike, SARJAM, Smith Ski Goggles, Natalis Dive School innthe Carribean (with an open invite to stay for free!)Now Software and some was in Japanese. So in short, to get a great job you had to know the right people which I did not. so I got into the tech side after my parents helped me get my first Macintosh. The Centris 650. It was great. I learned how to fix it all myself. Then got work doing phone technical support. Then off to another called Stream doing support for Now Software and HP.
I had a server running and someone new logged in. I looked up their IP address and it said they are at Apple! I started a conversation with them (there were 2) and they told me who to talk to in HR. I did. Guess what? A couple of phone interviews later I was on my way to Austin to work for Apple Computer. Now called Apple, Inc.
My sister said he mother ship has called me home. ;-)
It was a pivotal time at Apple. Steve Jobs was welcomed back and became the CEO once again. They killed the clones. They were hanging to a "UNIX under the hood operating system" called Mac OS X (ten.) I beta tested it. Trained some new hires and so on. I beta tested selling AppleCare on e phones and misc items. One year they were not doing great so instead of a bonus, they gave us this little weird device called the iPod at half the price. Blaaaa. I wanted cash. But it turned out to be a revolutionary device around the world. 5,000 songs in your pocket! Helped the singer Seal with a server issue. Won a PowerBook 12". Great party's and food and music. 4 years at Apple. Good times!

Got married and looked to my future and found Dell. Worked there for 4.5 years. Was a phone money for 1 week then they brought me in on a new group we made called the R.E.C. (Resolution Expert Center.) We took on executive escalations, Michael Dell escalations and a lot of people who just fell through the cracks. We saved the company so much money that Michael Dell came to one of our team meetings. It was inspiring. I was then sent to Oklahoma City to assist in the opening of a call center and escalation queue. It was a lot of fun and met great people. I could not stand all of the tornadoes there. This is where Twister was filmed. And for good reason. 119 tornadoes confirmed in 2011 anyway. 90 alone in 2010 in the month of MAY! I then saved some money, quit and moved back to Portland. I'm glad I did. After 6 months I found a great job being the only I.T. Guy for about 250 people. One of the issues was we were purchased and everything changed. After 3 years I decided to leave. I did chase one once to say I did it. ;-)
Currently I am looking for full time employment and doing side jobs for Mac's and pc's. If I could do side jobs and pay the bills I would. Having a unreliable boss who cannot manage people is the pits. ;-)

Okay. My technology list is below. How do you compare? Email me and let me know. I want to know how I stack up. ;-)


Okay. Here is my technology list.
IPhone 4S
iPad 3
2 iPod touch's
iMac 27" quad core Sandy Bridge 3.4 ghz, 8GB memory, 2GB graphics card, apple wireless keyboard & trackpad - 3 25" 1080p displays hooked up to my iMac. Awesome owner. Smart. Sexy. ;-)
2 MacBook Pro's
Many thumb drives, some as high as 64GB
52" 1080p television with 5 HDMI ports
Brother printer
HP scanner
Cisco dual band gigabit wireless router
2 Sony Playstaion 3's
Okay, now tell me how you use it.
IPhone 4S:


iPod Touch:


Sony Playstation 3:

Cisco business router:

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